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Steak & ale casserole

I’ve made this steak & ale casserole for years. It reminds me of family time at the cabin, Easter holidays, a real comfort food!! The kitchen fills with amazing aromas as soon as you start frying the meat, and it explodes when adding the ale. Thanks to Jamie Oliver for adding a similar recipe to … Continue reading

Pasta bows with elk-burgers and mediterranean salsa

I’m home alone this week and my food is therefore even simpler than usual and I tend to cheat more… Monday I found some leftovers of the elk burgers in the freezer. I heated those in a mediterranean sauce from a can and served with pasta bows (because they’re cute). Some days you have to … Continue reading

Spaghetti and elk-meatballs

Pasta and meat balls on a Saturday night, yummy! Spaghetti Follow cooking instructions on package. Meat balls 500 g minced meat (I used elk) 1 egg 1 dl milk/cream (I used Oatley cream) 4 tbsp millet flakes (bread crumbs, potatoe flour etc can also be used) Spices: oregano, salt & pepper You can also add … Continue reading

Friday night pizza

Today we’re trying out a gluten free pizza base, it turned out quite sticky and thin…but we’ll see… As topping we used: tomatoe purĂ© (had run out of red pesto) Ham Red pepper Mushrooms Bacon Cheese (can be skipped or use a dairy free one) serve with salad of choice, cherry tomatoes and ruccola is … Continue reading

Spaghetti bolognese

Today is the hubbies turn to be the chef! The menu reads Spaghetti bolognese. Todays version is very simple, but yummy! 1/2 yellow onion 1 ts minced garlic 400 g minced meat 1 can chopped tomatoes 1/2 ts hot ground paprika 1 ts dried oregano Salt & pepper Spaghetti of choice (we use whole grain) … Continue reading