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Chicken wrap with guacamole

Comfort food was necessary today after yet another long day at the office: Chicken wraps!

    Wrap filling:
    Chicken fillets, cut in strips
    1/2 onion
    1/2 red pepper
    4 mushrooms
    1/2 ts ground chili pepper
    1 ts ground hot paprika
    1 ts oregano
    Salt and pepper

Fry the chicken strips in some oil. Add the spices, stirr well, then add onion, red pepper and mushrooms.

    Serve with:
    Tortilla wraps
    Chunky salsa
    Cheese and sour cream if you’d like
    1 avocado
    3 cherry tomatoes
    Squeeze of lime
    Salt & pepper

Blitz in the food processor, add salt and pepper to taste.



About Trudy

Newly married engineer trying to force variety into the diet by blogging about it...


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