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Sweet buns for carnival/Shrove Sunday

Today I’ve been baking. Tomorrow is Shrove Sunday, the last Sunday before Lent. This day is marked in Norway by eating sweet buns with jam and whipped cream… Since I try to live a sugar- and dairy free life, I’ve tried to adapt recipes from some of my favourite blogs: Enestående Mat and TRINEs MATblogg

This recipe makes approximately 24 large or 32 small buns:

    ~1000 g all purpose flour (wheat)
    5 dl (dairy free) milk (at approx 30 degrees C)
    25 g fersh yeast (or 1/2 portion dried yeast (~7g))
    175 g sukrin (alternative sugar)
    1 ts ground cardamom
    1/4 ts salt
    1 egg
    150 gr non-dairy butter, in cubes at room temperature
    (1 egg for brushing)

Mix everything, exept the butter, in a KitchenAid (ok then…any mixer will do…). After approx 10 min on slow-medium speed, start adding the cubes of butter, one by one, incease the mixing speed as you go along. When all the butter is mixed in, cover the baking bowl with cling film and allow to rise to double size.

Version 1: Plain buns
Cover your worksurface with flour, divide the dough into equal pieces and work them into smooth buns. Place them on the baking sheets (remember to allow space for them to rise to double size).

Let the buns rise under a cloth.

Brush the buns carefully with the beaten egg. Bake them in the oven at 225 degC for 10-12 minutes. The buns are ready when the buns are golden on top. Let them cool before you enjoy 🙂

For the traditional Shrove Sunday buns: Cut in half, serve with whipped cream and jam of choice, drissle powder sugar over the top.

Version 2: Cinnamon swirls

    Cinnamon butter:
    125 g soft dairy free butter (room temperature)
    125 g Sukrin (or other alternatives to sugar)
    2 tbs ground cinnamon

Mix the cinnamon, sugar and butter.

Cover your worksurface with flour, take half of the dough and roll into a square (~40×50 cm). Spread the cinnamon butter evenly. Fold the dough 1/3 over and then the other 1/3 over the double part, giving you three layers (don’t know how to explain). Roll the dough carefully into a rectangle (30×50 cm). Divide into even strips, dependent on how large buns you’d like. Twirl the strip and tie it into a knot. Place the twirls on a baking sheet, cover the twirls with glad pack or a cloth and let them rise for about an hour. Brush with a beaten egg and bake at 175 degC for about 20 minutes.

Version 3: Buns with almond stuffing

    100 g almonds
    100 g powdered Sukrin (or other powdered sugar alternative)
    2 tbs cold water

Ground the almonds in a food processor, add the sugar and mix evenly then add the water.

Follow recipe for version 1. Add the stuffing to the middle of the bun, wrap dough around it to cover.

Some information on Sukrin can be found here “About Sukrin”


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