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Sweet potatoe and swede mash

Another simple dinner day… Made a vegetable mash with sweet potatoes and swede, mashed in some dairy free butter. This accompanied my favourite norwegian dish “komle”/”potetball” (‘potatoe dumpling’ – a very dense cake made from potatoes) which I bought ready made from the shop… Sorry about the limited recipes…hope my very simple meals can be … Continue reading

Pasta bows with elk-burgers and mediterranean salsa

I’m home alone this week and my food is therefore even simpler than usual and I tend to cheat more… Monday I found some leftovers of the elk burgers in the freezer. I heated those in a mediterranean sauce from a can and served with pasta bows (because they’re cute). Some days you have to … Continue reading

Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cookies

Today I felt like baking, and I found this recipe the other day on DoctorOz. I swapped the milk with almond milk and used vanilla powdder rather than extract, except for that I followed the recipe. I was not very pleased with these cookies though, didn’t taste much of peanut butter, mostly of bananas…but it … Continue reading

Spaghetti and elk-meatballs

Pasta and meat balls on a Saturday night, yummy! Spaghetti Follow cooking instructions on package. Meat balls 500 g minced meat (I used elk) 1 egg 1 dl milk/cream (I used Oatley cream) 4 tbsp millet flakes (bread crumbs, potatoe flour etc can also be used) Spices: oregano, salt & pepper You can also add … Continue reading

Friday night pizza

Today we’re trying out a gluten free pizza base, it turned out quite sticky and thin…but we’ll see… As topping we used: tomatoe puré (had run out of red pesto) Ham Red pepper Mushrooms Bacon Cheese (can be skipped or use a dairy free one) serve with salad of choice, cherry tomatoes and ruccola is … Continue reading

Chicken wrap with guacamole

Comfort food was necessary today after yet another long day at the office: Chicken wraps! Wrap filling: Chicken fillets, cut in strips 1/2 onion 1/2 red pepper 4 mushrooms 1/2 ts ground chili pepper 1 ts ground hot paprika 1 ts oregano Salt and pepper Fry the chicken strips in some oil. Add the spices, … Continue reading

Spaghetti bolognese

Today is the hubbies turn to be the chef! The menu reads Spaghetti bolognese. Todays version is very simple, but yummy! 1/2 yellow onion 1 ts minced garlic 400 g minced meat 1 can chopped tomatoes 1/2 ts hot ground paprika 1 ts dried oregano Salt & pepper Spaghetti of choice (we use whole grain) … Continue reading

Salmon with potatos, broccoli and pesto sauce

Salmon fillets Lemon pepper & salt Grease a small oven proof dish with oil, add the salmon fillets and sprinkle them with salt and lemon pepper. Cover with aluminium foil and bake at 180degC for approx 20 mins. Potatos Broccoli Cook as per instructions ( I like to add the broccoli to the potato pan … Continue reading

Chili con pollo

My dear husband had made supper which was ready when I arrived home after a long day at the office. On the menu: Chili con Pollo 🙂 400g minced chicken 1/2 onion finely chopped 1 ts minced garlic 1 ts minced chillies 1 can red kidney beans or chili beans 1 can chopped tomatoes 4 … Continue reading

Cod on a bed of spinach and sweet potato mash

<;a Cod to serve two people I use frozen cod fillets, they’re very easy as they can be prepared straight from frozen. Follow instructions on the box. Mash 2 sweet potatos 4 small potatos 1 carrot A dollop of dairy free butter Lemon mustard (or mustard and a bit of lemon) Salt & pepper Peel … Continue reading